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    [b]Me4502's Mod[/b]

    [b] This mod is discontinued and has been for a while, check out Powder-Sim[/b]

    [b]Congratulations @Jenn4 for winning the Powder Sim Moderator Status[/b]

    [b]Latest Stable Version = 3.0[/b]
    [b]Latest Development Version = N/A[/b]

    [b]Video - VERY OLD!!![/b]

    [b]The Dev Team[/b]

    @Disaster - Magnets
    @PizzaPlatypus - Base of Bullets
    @Mur - More Sign Commands. -- not {ctype}
    @MaksProg - Neutron Matter(most of)
    @Mniip - Text Drawer Lua Function
    @AntB - base of capacitor

    [b]Change log[/b]


    [b]My Things in The Official The Powder Toy[/b]
    My extra lua functions mentioned in the mods section of the lua wiki
    Converter element (CONV)

    [b]Some Saves To Showcase Features[/b]

    [b]DO NOT VOTE THESE[/b]

    [b]Sign Commands[/b]
    {life} - particle life
    {G} - particle Generation
    {type} - particle type
    {ctype} - ctype

    links are on download page of - 3.0 - Windows - Latest Dev Build

    Linux Latest 64/32 thanks to TheWiseEyes
    Mac OSX 3.0b3 -


    IRC Channel on ##me4502mod
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    Wormhole, like warp but colour is black to red and can spawn planets. If you add some of it anywhere and when it groups up it makes some more slowly and turns red in middle.
    Like wormhole but eats stuff.Black to blue.
    Solid/Gas Plutonium
    Neon = temp value colour pscn/nscn

    popcorn and popcorn seed. When you heat it up, it explodes popcorn. Stickman can eaat popcorn and also flamable.
    Day/night display
    color bomb like (red bomb , blue bomb etc...) so users can customize the color of its explosives
    can you add Tiberium?
    Looks like Quartz…but its colored green. turns Solids,Powders,and Stickman into Tiberium if in contact with it. turns to Quartz when in contact with Neutrons. Destroyed by Pressure.
    Adv Sponge/sleeping BREAKable[meltable] clone (Like sponge but customizable like C-0 with ctype)
    Acid should be blue or green and giving off blue/green fire
    BCLG (Breakable customizable laser gun that spawns either cold laser or hot laser depends on ctype instead using 2 variants)
    Another type of acid which can burn like the normal one but the smoke and fire can also dissolve things.

    Acid smoke. Dissolve things.

    Acid Fire. Burns and Dissolves things.

    Spark keys - press a key on the keyboard and the element gives off spark. - right now only has up down left right. When I think of a better way to do it like a selection box then it can be that.

    Known Issues
    None - 3.0

    Future Plans
    Full Recode Using Latest Source - 3.0 - in dev build
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    i can compile for linux
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    In about 15 hours I will upload source onto megaupload until I get github working or someone tells me how o upload to github

    It may be sooner if I get a chance
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    look in wiki. i think its like git push powder or something
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    « Bigger Window

    That will break any save made in your mod for other TPT users and is highly inadvisable.
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    I have put it there as a feature you can use

    if you open a save made in it it will work (if you open it with my mod)

    or if you make it the size of the real one it will too

    -but if you want me to resize it i can

    EDIT: Source Code is up