We're on Steam!

  • Sylvi
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    After many years of working through the logistics, we've officially been given the green light to publish The Powder Toy on Steam. Update: we've been cleared to release on 14 June 2024 16:00 Pacific Daylight Time.

    You can expect to see a few minor changes to the Steam version of the game. Notably you can interact with the rest of the Steam community through friends + messaging, screenshot sharing, and select number of features Steam has to offer. If you install the game through Steam, updates will go through that system instead of directly from our update server.

    Please note - we do not currently have a login link with Steam so registering on our website remains necessary to use certain online features.

    You can add us to your queue or wish list on Steam via our store page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1148350/The_Powder_Toy/
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  • EnganK
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    Look, I'm on TV! (on one of the FP screenshots from three years ago there is one of my saves)
  • Simon
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  • z4dg9ssw135
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    what did it cost(not only in terms of money) you to publish TPT on steam?

  • SamDwich
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    hm. intruiging.

  • CheekyRand0m
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    cant wait for them to make this version 10x better than the normal one and charge money for it

    like all games

  • Racer-Delux
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    Looking forward to this as a long time PT user!

  • Sylvi
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    Update: we've cleared the final approval and will release on 14 June 2024 16:00 Pacific Daylight Time.
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