A New Extra Element.

  • DriftKing
    14th May Member 0 Permalink

    I would like an element called [Fizz] it would be added to water and it would make the water bubble and water particles move up and down, (for fizz effect.) it would create carbon dioxide/CO2 and pressure and it would work on watr, oil, dist (I think)/distilled water, and bubble water. It would be a powder all the time and dissolve into those liquids, it would also be unable to be extracted from those liquids. If this is too similar to bubble water then this is unnecessary. I think it is kinda important because it is a small and portable way of having pressure and CO2 buildup, and since it is powder it will be non active until placed in those liquids. Thanks for reading my suggestion bye. :) -_- .

  • Jakav
    16th May Member 0 Permalink

    This is very, very unlikely to be added to normal TPT, unless someone decides to code it in C++ and submit a pull request, and even then not necessarily likely. It's basically that way for all element suggestions right now, so this has nothing to do with your suggestion in particular.

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