On using WHOL and GPMP for reactors

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    I have been testing the viability of using -256 gpmp rings and whol rings to create a gravity driven core, i first add plutonium and deuterium for the first two layes of the core making sure they are circular, then i fill the remaining space within the whol/gpmp ring with a 5/1 mixture of hydrogen/oxygen and noble gas, then i ignite the noble gas creating enough pressure to create neutrons from the plutonium which then reacts with the deuterium around it. the resulting explosion pushes out slag from the plutonium and remaining deutirum out to the edges of the whol/gpmp ring, after some time the neutrons do not have any more deuterium to react with so the pressure reduces, gravity takes over and deuterium falls back into the now neutron encriched core which restarts the reaction, aslong as i feed the core a steady supply of deuterium and plutonium, the reactor continuously pulses with three stages, 1. dormant neutron core. 2. deuterium and plutonium fall back in. 3. reaction pushing excess reactants out and back to a dormant neutron core. if anyone more electronnically inclined can help me automate the injection of deuterium and plutonium it would be greatly appreceated!



    Edit: gravity has to be off but newtonian physics has to be on

    here is a link to an example

    you will have to ingnite the noble gas and after the reaction dies down, inject first deuterium then plutonium, if you do the other way around you get a lot more slag


    Pros and cons of GPMP and WHOL respectively



    pro- ability to turn on and off

    con- no heat is able to be radiated out without a hole in the ring which creats instability without a counterbalance



    Pro- heat created inside directly heats the ring creating easy transfer of heat

    Con- always on


    Log 1 (19/11/23) : i will be usining this main post to spread more discoveries about this made by those in the comments and by me


    You can use the THOR from the Ultimata mod as a inner core and have its reaction pulse stay longer, you can further increase the duration of pulse one by adding distilled water as the main buffer with only a thin outer ring of hydrogen for the initial pressure start, the steam produced acts as a good meduim to slow the movement of neutrons and deuterium to keep them reacting in the same place,

    This entire setup makes around a quarter of the previous heat maxing at about 1K degrees but needs much less maintenence and can theoretically just run off of two pclns running deuterium and polonium at low rates just to keep it running, the thorium keeps the system hot and the dstw keeps it under pressure which in turn keeps the polonium in constant neutron creation which in turn yadda yadda yadda and you have a stable bwr reactor if you use WHOL instead of GPMP


    I have also created a usefull pro and con table which i will expand as further devlopments occur






    if you have a thorium, polonium, duterium core and add plutonium until all the thorium is melted (you can see this if you turn on nothing veiw), you can fuse uranium at the very center of the core, the fusion may be a poison to the core as uranium is notactively interacting with a large amount of neutrons.




    log 3


    in re reading log 1, i seem to have had my facts wrong, the core used was a thorium polonium deuterium core, this on its own starts and melts together so there is no need for plutonium, on the pulses, pulses only arise using a plutonium layer so you can disregard that, also a small 5-3 wide hole every cardinal direction is completely fine for a large-medium size GPMP GWR (gravity well reactor) and you can disregard that aswell, use one hole for transferring heat and the other three to SLOWLY inject polonium and deuterium, if the entire core fuses into uranium, turn off the GPMP and scrape and dispose the core into a honey bun. you know what to do with the hot honey bun. then replace the thorium, inject deuterium first then inject polonium.


    Ideas for myself:

    add fans going clockwise within the core so that polonium can be injected evenly.



    PS: if no date is given, assume the log was made withihn the same day


    log 4(24/11/23) 


    if you create the GRW in an oval shape and keep only one hole on one of the apexes, you can get much higher pressure and can get the steam flow into the turbines with much more speed, because the core is completley disconnected from the walls of the reactor you can make much more simple systems and make the entire system almost completely no maintainence, i hope to one day find a mod that makes meltable gpmp so that i can prove that this system is meltdown free (barring direct weapons), the entire use for this is to make the most safe and simple system such that there are as minimal points of faliure. for those few reading this, i implore you to download ultimata and try to make, perfect and meltdown your own reactors and send your results down in the replies.



    P.S: when you make it ovular it looks like an eye and thats way more dope than those bland squares of reactors with complicated pistons, can you imagine a oblong spheroid of thorium, polonium and deuterium filled with 500 degree water vapour all rushing to escape at high speeds? thats way doper than traditonal reactors.

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