The SpikeViper Biology Mod

  • helloyes907
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    @quirbynator23 send me the complied version please please where is the complied version

  • spikerspiker
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    i dont have tools to compile, so compile spike viper, i wait 4 moth for platelets compiled vertion


    - edit i finally got the platelets in sign up and open the power toy and search releas1 and dowland it is here

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  • gameingareus
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    I use linux mint 21 and when i try to run the mod i says that it has no program to run it.

  • Yur0
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    Hello! could you check out my save please? id:3098564

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  • GigaCars
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    @Yur0 (View Post)

     he won't, not even sure he checks here

  • Yur0
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  • Smart_powder
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    He posted the new version in valour but it seems he won't update the links here so here guys
    (yes it has the graphite and platlets) tell me if the link dies

    Sus link removed, please ask SpikeViper to update the links instead. -- @LBPHacker
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  • PRO_KG6100_YT
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    how do i get it???

  • Raslar
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    @SpikeViper hey bud, ya need to update the mod to consist of the heart and brain bud. The biology Mod seems... eh, not complete unless ya add the brain and heart into the biology mod. :-)

  • Biologylover
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    Add platelets again