The SpikeViper Biology Mod

  • SpikeViper
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    Hello my dear powder toy friends,


    I am here to share with you the one and only SpikeViper(TM) Biology Mod(TM).

    With this mod(TM), you can do great things like make blood reactors, anatomically correct Kirby, and more!


    The mod's source code can be found at SpikeViper/The-Powder-Toy


    You can download the mod at - /TPT/mods/SpikeViper/

    but if you don't know the lingo for specific package distributions, do not fear! I have a nifty list below (which still requires you to know the name of your operating system. If you don't know that, ask ChatGPT.)







    For a full feature list, please look at the source code. If that's inconvenient, or you are allergic to code, I have also made a list below:

    • Nihonium (NIH): An extremely unstable element. Also comes in liquid form (NIHM). Do not give to children.
    • Thorium (THOR): Not to be confused with the god, this element produces heat when struck by neutrons in a stable manner. Useful for heating enchiladas.
    • Grey Goo (GGOO): Small nanorobots that convert all matter into more nanorobots. They whisper something about 'collective consciousness' and 'joining the hive'
    • Red Goo (RGOO): Spicy Grey Goo
    • Blood (BLD): Transfers oxygen, nutrients, and CO2 across biological tissues.
    • Dead Tissue (DT): You messed up.
    • Lung (LUNG): Collects O2 (from oxygen) and removes CO2. Best paired with plants.
    • Meat (MEAT): Boring biological tissue. Tastes like chicken. At least bob says so. We don't trust bob.
    • Blood Vessel (BVES): An incredibly frustrating way to move blood. It does diffuse the resources, though. Someone seriously needs to reprogram the pipe logic.
    • Epidermis (SKINE): The outer layer of skin. Moisturize it.
    • Dermis (SKIND): The inner layer of skin. Maybe don't moisturize this one.
    • Subcutaneous Layer (SKINS): The lowest layer of skin. Grows the other skin. Definitely do not moisturize this layer.
    • Tumor (TUMOR): Frequently confused with MOBA players, this is actually a dangerous cellular mutation that will slowly eat all living things alive. Pairs well with white wine.
    • Poison (PSN): Slightly tangy taste, kills biological tissues.
    • Neuron (NEUR): Randomly emit electrical impulses dependng on health. Apparently a couple of these together are capable of great things, but such a case has not occured for myself, and I have three!
    • Wack (WACK): Random clone. Use with care.
    • Wacky (WACKY): Random clone, but with the more exciting elements. Makes a good valentine's day gift.
    • Bacteria (BACT): Inflects living tissue, definitely does not file its taxes.
    • White Blood Cells (WBLD): Multiply in the face if an infection, and murder bacteria viciously, making you wonder if you are really the baddies.
    • Glucose (GLUC): Basic sugar energy. Can be put directly into blood for an energy spike. Not recommended in real life.
    • Digested Material (DIGE): Beautiful half-digested material. Makes a killer smoothie base. Created when biological material or glucose contact SACID.
    • Stomach Acid (SACID): Creates DIGE. Cannot erode STOM, SVLV, MUCO, or non-biological material.
    • Stomach (STOM): Creates stomach acid when healthy. Highly suggest coating the outside, so it doesn't create acid outside of the stomach. Such a thing causes suffering. Also mixes food around violently.
    • Mucous Membrane (MUCO): Protects from SACID and from infection. Delicacy in France, or so I have heard.
    • Stomach Valve (SVLV): Only allows DIGE to pass though from top to bottom. The only way to make a stomach connect to intestines without cheating. Yes, portals are cheating. Does your body contain portals? Probably not.
    • Poop (POOP): ????
    • Intestines (INTE): Absorb DIGE and create POOP, provides slight bowel movements to move material along when healthy. Creates glucose during conversion.

    Wow, that's quite a list! When I remember to update it in a year, there will probably be more. Have fun!

    ~ Spike, who is probably working on Valour. Unless that project fails, in which case I am living in a tent somewhere.

  • ratio1
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    5 letter elements look cursed

  • SpikeViper
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    @ratio1 (View Post)


    i got permission from joe biden, don't worry

  • lamp_oil
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    can we get a lua version for script manager

  • catsoften
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    @Azure_Void (View Post)

    This is extremely unlikely. Converting a mod from C++ to Lua is about as difficult as rewriting it entirely, and requires knowing both languages. This mod would also be especially hard to convert due to the way it was written.

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    @Azure_Void (View Post)


    Unfortunately the performance would be so horrible that it's not worth the effort unless you happen to have a supercomputer in your garage. 

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    thorium has to decay into uranium when fission

  • Liver_K
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    @SpikeViper (View Post)

     I mean I do.... But I don't play TPT with it ;D

  • lamp_oil
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    I managed to get script manager working

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