The SpikeViper Biology Mod

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    Hello, . I recently created my first powder toy account (and by "recently" I mean today, 1st December). But I played this game for my very first time in 2017... or 2018, when I was 9-10 years old. Now I'm 15.

    How time can fly as fast as a Concord Commercial Plane: faster than earth rotation.

    I'm on mobile, and I already got interested on your mod.

    But I guess this mod does not support android platform.

    Also, I didn't knew this game had mod support...

    ...until now.

  • spikerspiker
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    how dowland the mod!

  • Simulated
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    when update?

  • Quirbynator23
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    So where can i download Platelets


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    Now on Github:
    Platelets (PLAT): Harden into SCAR tissue when in contact with any of the skin elements.
    Scar Tissue (SCAR): Strong tissue which protects from danger
    i saw this but there isnt any download the only download there is the source file

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    deco broken, fix guys!

    @Simulated (View Post)

    yes, I agree, elements looking a bit stale rn.

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    @SpikeViper (View Post) Can you add RECT? (or ANUS) RECT (Rectum) will work like SVLV, but it only lets poop pass below it. Adding this would be good so that way you dont have to add an E-WALL at the end of the intestine. 


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    does anyone know where i could get the platlets

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    uhhh is there a way of getting it on phones?

  • Quirbynator23
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    why is it so hard to compile platlets

    Edit: finally someone sent a compiled version so i got platlets yay

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    Stomach Valve (SVLV): Only allows DIGE to pass though from top to bottom. The only way to make a stomach connect to intestines without cheating. Yes, portals are cheating. Does your body contain portals? Probably not.

    No its not cheating i need portals to connect the other half of my body when i need a stomach