PC controls for android by Cracker1000

  • Cracker1000
    21st Jan 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    V3.0 update released!


    Bigger simulation option buttons

    Fix bug where hovermode and simulation options won't detect clicks properly after clicking outside simulation area.

    New update checker for the script: Will notify you if a new update is released. Independent of script manager.


    How to update:

    If you are running the script without script manager then just repeat the installation steps, it will overwrite the existing script with new one.

    However, if you are running it via script manager then it will show a new update once you open it.


    If you use the script regularly then you are requested to update to v3.0 so that you never miss updates in future.

  • Thomas666
    9th Aug 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    Hello. Thank you so much because it is so usefull,

    however, what about adding a tool that enables androd users to copy things like PC users' ctrl+X &ctrl +V?

  • Cracker1000
    9th Aug 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    @Thomas666 (View Post)

     I could add those options if copy/ paste events were included in lua API. Unfortunately they are not and will require support from official version side. If they get added in future then sure I will release an update that lets you do it from script menu.

  • z4dg9ssw135
    9th Aug 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    lol i will download and use it on pc

  • Pj_13
    28th Nov 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    Hello there, just wondering if you would be able to allow the fill tool to work with eraser as well as the normal elements.

  • Cracker1000
    28th Nov 2023 Member 0 Permalink

    @Pj_13 (View Post)

     I don't remember the details but I think it already works with eraser, elements and walls.

    Make sure you are using the latest v3.0.

  • Aibenr
    6th January Member 0 Permalink

    Hello,could you Possably Add a way to set the fans also this I think this the best mod could of come across,Aibenr

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  • QRCodeIsHere
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    How do I delete it?

  • Darkwrist
    7th January Member 0 Permalink

    @Aibenr (View Post)

     Use the line tool from menu and set the fan wall strength using the same. Fan wall support is already there.


    @QRCodeIsHere (View Post)

    Depends on how you installed it. You can delete it from manager or just replace it with some other script if you can't access the folder where the script is downloaded.


  • Aibenr
    7th January Member 0 Permalink

    I did not know because I didn't know that is how you could do it I thought it would just place stuff thanks

    Edit: I tested it and I confirmed your correct again thank you and now I can make actually functional  cooling system

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