epic tpt (lua script) mod (93 Reloaded)

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    93 Reloaded is basically just an updated version of an older script(s???) of mine
    to install it just get the 2 files from the zip in the link and stick them inside your script folder
    enable A then B and you should be good to go
    if it says anything about loops just click cancel because i am a horrible lua programmer

    if it keeps popping up just hit the cancel button harder with a hammer or smth idk

    here's what it adds:
    --- SIDE A ---
    (bro boutta read a novel to see what elements this adds)
    IRID - Iridium, completely inert.
    RADI - Background Radiation. Spreads.
    NEPT - Neptunium, radioactive. Quickly heats up when bombarded with neutrons.
    MRCV - Mercury Vapor.
    ANTI - Anti Singularity, incredibly destructive. Slowly increases in size.
    ASH - Ash, light powder. Turns into oil under pressure.
    LHYG - Liquid Hydrogen, very cold. Incredibly flammable.
    LEAD - Lead, absorbs neutrons. Conducts electricity.
    LEDP - Lead powder, absorbs neutrons. Conducts electricity. Heavy.
    MONO - Monopropellant. Disperses quickly.
    MNPL - Liquid Monopropellant. Releases lots of pressure and cools down when boiled.
    THOR - Thorium, not radioactive on its own, needs help from another radioactive material to function.
    TCHN - Technetium, decays over time and leaves heat.
    SILC - Silicon, conducts electricity. Lets air pass through.
    TRNA - Tornado, self explanatory.
    LHE - Liquid helium, incredibly cold.
    SFHE - Superfluid Helium.
    HE - Helium, floats.
    RADM - Radium, unstable decaying element.
    N237 - Neptunium 237, decays very quickly. Radioactive waste.
    HE3 - Helium 3, fuses with tritium.
    SHAK - Shakes particles.
    NORM - Normalizes temperature and pressure in the selected area.
    OSMM - Osmium, heavy metal. Mostly the norwegian kind.
    ACOL - Anti-Coal, burns slowly and very... surprisingly cold.
    BHUT - Bhutane, explosive gas.
    GRPH - Graphite, melts at an incredibly high temperature. Randomized conductivity.
    FZOL - Frozen oil, flammable.
    PLWD - Plywood. Durable material.
    LBYL - Liquid Boyle gas. Explosive.
    CAVE - Burn life's house down! With the lemons!
    TMPS - Temporary value sensor, creates power when something's tmp is higher than its temperature.
    EROD - Erodes.
    STRM - Storms.
    ALIQ - Anti-liquid. Flows upwards.
    NETR - Neutronium. Dense, Radioactive solid. Slowly implodes and decays after time. Rarely grows.
    BCRY - Broken Crystal. Light powder, may shred lungs of organisms.
    CRYS - Crystal. Brittle, grows. Durable at high temperatures.
    GASL - Gasoline, highly flammable.
    DMDD - Diamond dust. Yeah.
    ADMT - Adamantium, incredibly durable material. Virtually indestructible. An alloy of steel and vibranium.
    ANIH - Annihilation.
    BLLT - Bullet, travels with minimum decceleration and creates winds.
    AMTL - Anti-Metal, violently heats surrounding materials when sparked. Melts at cold temperatures.
    AGAS - Anti-Gas. Opposite of gas.
    SLVR - Silver, resistant to corrosion. Conducts at a faster pulse.
    DEUT - Deuterium, heavy, slightly more unstable hydrogen. (Note: original DEUT has been renamed to DTOX)
    LDET - Liquid Deuterium, heavy, slightly more unstable liquid hydrogen.
    TRIT - Tritium, decays into lighter components when struck with neutrons.
    LTRT - Liquid Tritium, dangerous.
    PKIC - Packed Ice.
    PALA - Palladium, desintegrates over time with neutrons.

    bacteria gang bacteria gang are you guys excited for bacteria gang
    LTAC - Lactic acid, helps to decompose organic matter.
    BCTR - Bacteria, spreads and sticks.
    BCTD - Decomposer bacteria, decomposes plant matter.
    ABCT - Airbourne bacteria.
    BCTW - Bacterial wall, solid but still flows.
    AQBC - Aquatic Bacteria. Floats and spreads through water slowly.
    ALGE - Algae, spreads in water.
    BLGE - Blue Algae, spreads in water.
    GLGE - Green Algae, grows in water.
    RLGE - Red Algae, grows in water.

    back to normal
    SPPR - Sandpaper, Gritty.
    DISA - "Cause Havok." (can you tell i was into xmen while making this part of the script)
    CSNW - CO2 Snow.
    GRND - Ground.
    BRWF - Broken Tungsten.
    MAGM - Magma.
    H2O2 - Hydrogen Peroxide, corrosive, decomposes into oxygen and water, rarely ozone.
    CMNT - Cement, hardens over time.
    CMNP - Cement powder, mix with water to get cement.
    BULB - Light bulb, emits light permanently.
    MUON - Muons, heavy particles which decay.
    TAU - Tauons, very heavy particles which decay quickly.
    WYST - Water-Yeast mixture, spreads quickly under heat.
    GLUO - Gluons, sticky.
    QGP - Quark-Gluon Plasma.
    PLIG - Pulverized Lightning.
    LNO2 - Liquid Nitrogen Dioxide, explosive.
    NO2 - Nitrogen Dioxide, reacts with water to form nitric acid.
    BRAU - Broken Gold.
    HNO3 - Nitric acid, corrosive, releases deadly gasses.
    RADN - Radon, screws up electronics and kills organic matter. (alternate version can be enabled inside script)
    SBAL - Super Bouncy Ball from the old Dan-Ball powder game.
    SGAS - Super Bouncy Gas.
    SLIQ - Super Bouncy Liquid.
    SSLD - Super Bouncy Solid.
    !!! - Destroyed matter.
    ??? - Destroys everything.
    INFC - Infection.
    CLAR - Fully Transparent. Lights up near electricity (Color controllable with tmp tmp2 and pavg0)
    D38 - Depleted uranium. Neutron reflector.
    VDLQ - Void Liquid. Sludge of death. Consumes.
    STAR - Star matter. Ultra Sludge of death. Perpetual nuke.
    ALCH - 99% Ethanol, mildly flammable.
    ALCV - Alcohol Vapor, inhale if you dare, it burns.
    ACET - Acetaldehyde. Toxic.
    LAET - Liquid Acetaldehyde. Disinfectant
    SSOP - Solid hand soap, dissolves in water slowly.

    thermal gang (this was made far before the thermal mod so dont start yelling at me)
    BPYR - Blazing Pyrotheum, embodiment of ignition.
    GCRY - Gelid Cryotheum, embodiment of absolute zero.
    ZAER - Zephyrean Aerotheum, embodiment of energy.
    TPTR - Tectonic Petrotheum, embodiment of mass.
    PYRO - Pyrotheum.
    CRYO - Cryotheum.
    AERO - Aerotheum.
    PETR - Petrotheum.

    back to normal
    NEUR - Neurons?
    GLTR - Glitter.
    ASTT - Astatine, highly unstable heavy halogen.
    FRNC - Francium, radioactive unstable alkali metal. (you know exactly what to do with these 2)
    INDI - Indium, soft metal. Ejects energy to titanium. Absorbs energy from silicon. Barely conducts heat.
    RHOD - Rhodium, resistant to corrosion. Shiny! Great photon reflector
    GRMN - Germanium, equalizes pressure.
    PHOS - Phosphorous, useful for CRT's.
    CSNS - C-Type sensor, creates power when something's c-type is the same as its c-type.
    PRTN - Protonium. Dense, decays into protons. (im not doing another gang bit)
    DEGN - Degenerate matter, resulted from going too far with fusion.
    GRTN - Gravitonium. Hilariously dense, decays into gravitons.
    PHTN - Solid photons. weightless, decays into photons.
    RDTN - Solidified radiation? Weightless, decays into background radiation.
    TDGM - Tauon Degenerate matter. Unstable.
    BSEC - Bose-Einstein Condensate.
    TMP2 - Temporary value 2 sensor, creates power when something's tmp2 is higher than its temperature.
    ASNS - Ambient heat sensor, creates power when the ambient heat around it is higher than its temperature.
    VS- wait this one made it into the game lol
    FRAL - Fralium, obliterates itself upon electrical contact.
    PASC - Positronic acid, reacts violently with matter, weak acid.
    TACH - Tachyons, nyoom!
    ZBOS - Z Bosons, behave weirdly.
    W-BS - W- Bosons, behave strangely.
    W+BS - W+ Bosons, behave oddly.
    LAIR - Liquid air, yikes.
    DUPL - Duplicates whatever it's touching.
    REMV - Removes whatever it's touching.
    CERI - Cerium, lights up under heat.
    EMRD - Emerald, allows electrons to pass.
    EMRP - Powdered emerald, allows electrons to pass.
    C-3 - C-3, plastic... implosive?
    POSI - Positrons, anti-electrons.
    ACTN - Actinium, very radioactive. Explodes with negative pressure.
    SO2 - Sulfur Dioxide, reacts with water to form acid.
    SULF - Sulfur, highly flammable and slow burning.
    GRPP - Graphite Powder, melts at an incredibly high temperature.
    COIL - Crude oil, separates into many compounds.
    (bonus element you can enable in the script) SCDX - Supercritical CO2, not quite liquid, not quite gas.
    MTTR - Matter.
    FBMB - Very violent plasma explosive.
    FFVT - Force field (vertical). Extends to the top and bottom.
    FFHT - Force field (horizontal). Extends to the sides.
    IRNF - Iron fluoride.
    IRFP - Iron fluoride powder, strong fluorinating agent.
    FLRN - Fluorine. What have you done?

    --- SIDE B ---
    (are you tired yet? i am)
    MTHN - Methane, can't see it before it's too late.
    FFST - Force field (static).
    FFOD - Force field (omnidirectional). Extends in all directions.
    PTTR - Pattern test.
    OXDZ - Oxidizer, decomposes into O3 once heated up.
    MSF0 - Moving Solid. No, it doesn't have physics. You expected me to make a proper rigid body sim in Lua? Falldown 0.
    MSF1 & MSF2 are the same but for falldown 1 & 2 i'm not gonna repeat it here
    AAAZ - Azidoazide Azide, explodes under ANY stimuli.
    RCKT - Rockets!
    SFIR - Short fire.
    OWKO - Owko. No clue what this is, I got it from pyro sand. [EDIT: Apparently it's a sort of japanese napalm.]
    TRCH - Everlasting fire. Also known as a torch.
    ATRC - Antitorch. Everlasting anti-fire?
    ARC - Arc, generates plasma.
    RICE - Rice, strange velocity behavior.
    (another scrapped bonus element) LMTN Liquid Methane, absolutely explosive. There's no going back.
    N2 - Nitrogen. Thin air. (you can also enable the dreaded N2 - LN2 transition in the script) (bad idea btw)
    SFUL - Solid fuel, decomposes into methane with temperature.
    NTRT - Nitrate.
    LO3 - Liquid Ozone, very cold. Horrifying.
    O3 - Ozone, strong oxidizer.
    ANFC - Infection's nemesis.
    AMRC - Americium, silently decays. Changes rate with temperature.
    LCAS - funny. (liquid caus)
    DMTR - Dark matter. Invisible spooky gravity!
    RMTR - Red matter. Not-so-invisible SCARY gravity!
    GOD - Game of Death. 1 dimensional cellular automata. (completely broken btw)
    YBCO - Yttrium-Barium-Copper Oxide. Superconductor at low temperatures.
    DNRG - Dark energy, expansive.
    MMBR - Membrane, lets only liquids pass through.
    SIEV - Sieve, lets only powders pass through.
    CLTH - Cloth, lets only gasses pass through.
    GRTT - Gravitite, radioactive, interacts with gravitons. Heavy...?
    EINS - Einsteinium, proton reactive.
    THCP - Thermocouple. Generates electricity with heat.
    NSNG - Naked Singularity, makes physicists angry.
    ANSG - Anti Naked Singularity, makes physicists very angry.
    STMT - Strange matter, DO NOT LET THIS LOOSE.
    NIHO - Nihonium, very explosive and reactive.
    OGAN - Oganesson, very heavy and reactive.
    LVMR - Livermorium. Fun fact: if you put this in a city save it magically becomes Livermore!
    RAND - Random. (TRUE randomizer, not just a random element)
    C-2 - C-2, generates incredibly high pressure when exploding.
    BRSS - Brass, accelerates air. Shinier! Poor electric conductor.
    BRNZ - Bronze, odd reactions. Shiny!
    STIN - Sigma Tin, formed at VERY high pressures, incredibly durable. Perfect heat insulator.
    TIN - Tin, poor heat conductor, useful for alloys. Decays into gray tin over time.
    GTIN - Gray tin, uhoh.
    BTIN - Broken gray tin.
    FNGS - Fungus stem.
    FNGC - Fungus spore center.
    FNSP - Fungus spore.
    FNGU - Fungus.
    STFM - Styrofoam, soft bubbly light material.
    NAOH - Sodium hydroxide. Strong base
    SODM - Sodium, violently reacts with water, turning into hydroxide and releasing hydrogen. Na + Cl = ?
    PWDR - Powder. Super explosive.
    IWDR - run
    RBBR - Rubber, elastic. Transfers energy to nearby particles. Usually breaks the fabric of spacetime.
    HOT - Heater, temperature increase decided by tmp.
    COLD - Cooler, temperature decrease decided by tmp.
    AMCL - Ammonium Chloride, has an endothermic reaction when dissolved in water.
    DACL - Dissolved ammonium chloride.
    SEA - Sea.

    good job you actually made it to the end of the list

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    Pretty chunky mod, if I'm being honest a bit impenetrably so. Maybe try making a homepage for this mod and several more saves demonstrating its elements like I did with the fan elements script?

    (Yes, you can upload saves that feature Lua elements - just make sure you don't have any other scripts that add elements enabled and add a link to this thread for instructions since loading the save without the mod active will cause all modded elements to disappear)


    Also, I peeked through the code and noticed something you could improve: In the activated Thermal Foundation elements (BPYR, TPTR, ZAER, GCRY) you have a series of nested if statements that prevent them from having effects on certain elements, but you could instead do something like this:


    -- declare this before the update functions of all the elements you intend to use it for
    -- you only have to declare this once; it can be reused for all elements that need it
    local indestructibleElements = {
    [elem.DEFAULT_PT_DMND] = true,
    [elem.DEFAULT_PT_VACU] = true,
    [elem.DEFAULT_PT_VOID] = true,
    [elem.DEFAULT_PT_CLNE] = true,
    [elem.DEFAULT_PT_PCLN] = true,
    [elem.TPT_PT_VDLQ] = true,

    -- inside the update function, use this conditional:
    -- assumes that "r" is the particle you're trying to test
    if not indestructibleElements[sim.partProperty(r, "type")] then
    -- do stuff

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    @RebMiami (View Post) i have actually made an element museum if sorts but i should probably update it to not look like garbage


     same goes for the script, i mihht try to update it eventually cuz its also old and trash


     i have also discovered how horrible this site is on mobile







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    Something like an "element museum" sounds like a great idea! Especially if it contains some demonstrations of the element reactions and properties (which is what most people are gonna care about)

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    wow this is amazing

    just amazing so many elements

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    Quick problem, whenever I try to activate 93 reloaded B it says error and it says invalid element, any help?

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    So this is basically the updated version of tptremadeV

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    yea it basically is

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    wow how have there been no new comments on this is a good mod