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    PSTE in tpt is not paste but clay; Real paste is like glue, except thicker and made with flour, sugar, and water; whereas glue is typically animal-based (at least the first glue was).  I came up with an idea to make PSTE and PSTS into realistic paste; the bottom of the suggestion explains how to make it so this doesn't break saves.  Here are the new elements:


    PSTE (or paste):


    PSTE is a light gray liquid that, like brush-spawned GEL, sticks to solids, powders, and gases but not liquids, FIRE, PLSM, or energy particles.  Unlike GEL; however, PSTE is unaffected by WATR or any water variants; although FRZW would freeze it into PSTS (see below) this is solely because of the cold temperature of the FRZW and not because it's a water variant.  PSTE does not stick to PSTS, PIPE, PPIP, STOR, BRCK that was spawned by PIPE or by PPIP, VOID, PVOD, CLNE, or clone varients.  It also doesn't stick to virus (solid, liquid, or gas), any special element except DMND, or any element that destroys stuff (i.e SING, AMTR, VACU, BHOL, etc).  Brush-spawned PSTE has a life value of 50 that decreases by 1 every frame when it sticks to a solid or powder, but not when it sticks to gases.  It's life value can't go down if it's teperature is >=100C.  The subsection below explains what happens when it's life value reaches 0.  It absorbs SOAP and it's life value increases by 1 for every SOAP particle it absorbs.  It stops sticking to anything when it's life value reaches 75.  It dissolves--as though by ACID--when it's life value reaches 100.  It would be more accurate if acetone did this to PSTE but since tpt doesn't have acetone, SOAP will have to do.


    PSTS (or solid paste):


    PSTS is a light gray solid.  PSTE (see above) turns into it when it's life value reaches 0 or when it's temperature is <0C.  PSTS turns back into PSTE if it's temperature is >=100C.  PSTS has a 5% acid dissolve rate.  Neutrons pass through and deform it like they do with GOO.  But unlike GOO, PSTS unaffected by pressure.  SOAP dissolves it like ACID upon contact.  As mentioned above, SOAP will have to be used as a substitution for acetone in tpt.  Powders stick to PSTS upon contact.  WATR and water variants have no effect on it but the if WATR or water variant comes into contact with any powder that is stuck the PSTS, the powder in question will unstick to the PSTS; this simulates dirt or dust being rinsed off of a surface.


    No save-breaks:

    To prevent saves being broken by these changes, we should rename the current PSTE to CLAY and the current PSTS to CCLY (or compressed clay).



    I guess the only real use for these elements is to add more realism to tpt, because PSTE in tpt is currently nothing like real life paste.  All the other elements in tpt that exist in real life are at least a little bit like their real life counterparts, so why not PSTE?  Tpt is supped to be 75-80% realistic and with all the new elements that need to added to tpt to keep it interesting, we need to keep that realism factor consistent.


    NOTE:  PSTE being waterproof was inspired by the episode of Invader ZIM where ZIM covered himself in paste to protect himself from water.  I don't own the show and; therefore, I'm not advertising it.

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    very nice but it has not many uses and gel can be used instead

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    But unlike GEL, it's waterproof and isn't liable to clog the entrance or exit of PIPE or PPIP.

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    I think PSTE is similar enough to real life as a non-newtonian fluid.