Taking Lua Element Requests

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    You can install the script from the Script Browser. It is called "Fan Elements Mod"


    Suggestions have ENDED! All elements have been selected and released. Use this thread to discuss and share your creations using the mod!

    View the code here.


    If you find a bug with the mod, please report it at https://github.com/Rebmiami/FanMod/issues. This is the fastest and easiest way for me to track and resolve problems with the mod.



    Element 1: SMDB
    Description: Super mega death bomb. The strongest bomb element in TPT. I added this pre-emptively because I already know that everyone is going to ask for it + I'd like to demonstrate a bit of what I can do. Can destroy walls and extremely tough alloys in large enough quantities.
    The only things that it struggles with are regenerative alloys based on CONV, but it can still destroy most of them if you use enough.
    Idea by: RebMiami
    Status: Added!

    Element 2: TRIT
    Description: Tritium gas. Radioactive gas that decays into ELEC and HYGN. Can be created by firing high-speed neutrons at LITH. Can be fused with DEUT to generate heat, pressure, neutrons, and NOBL.
    Fusing TRIT will be easier than fusing other elements and this reaction will be usable in nuclear weapons.
    Idea by: Comet1310
    Status: Added!

    Element 3: FFLD
    Description: Forcefield generator. Protects a region from elements matching its CTYPE. Temp sets range and TMP sets mode. Can be controlled with PSCN/NSCN or ARAY (white = on, orange = off)

    P (pattern)
    0 - Affect all particles that match its CTYPE
    1 - Affect all particles that don't match its CTYPE
    2 - Affect all particles in range if any match its CTYPE
    3 - Affect all particles in range if none match its CTYPE
    4 - Affect all particles in range if any don't match its CTYPE
    5 - Affect all particles in range if all match its CTYPE
    6 - Affect all particles in range
    7 - Affect all particles in the same menu section as the CTYPE
    8 - Affect all particles in the same state of matter as the CTYPE (solid, powder, liquid, gas, radiation)
    9 - Affect all particles in a different state of matter as the CTYPE
    A - Affect all particles hotter than the CTYPE (as a number)
    B - Affect all particles colder than the CTYPE (as a number)
    C - Affect all particles matching the selected element (lmb only)
    D - Affect all particles not matching the selected element (lmb only)
    E - Affect all particles in a different menu section as the CTYPE

    S (shape)
    0 - None (does not affect any particle)
    1 - Circle
    2 - Square
    3 - Diamond
    4 - Triangle (Up)
    5 - Triangle (Down)
    6 - Triangle (Right)
    7 - Triangle (Left)

    A (action)
    0 - Repel
    1 - Destroy (replace with EMBR)
    2 - Suspend
    3 - Detect (sparks nearby metals)
    4 - Superheat
    5 - Supercool
    6 - Encase (surround with ARAY) (tmp 0x01001101 )
    7 - Annihilate ( ;) )
    8 - Attract
    9 - Collect (unloads into adjacent pipes)
    A - Highlight (purely visual)
    B - Paint with deco color
    C - Delete (no EMBR)

    Unless one of them is specified as the CTYPE, FFLD will ignore the elements FFLD and ARAY (and EMBR if its mode is Destroy, or all solid conductors if its mode is Detect)

    Idea by: Rubidianlabs
    Status: Added!

    Element 4: GRPH
    Description: Graphite. Strong solid. Can withstand extreme conditions and slows radiation. Conducts electricity in straight lines.
    Under extreme pressure, breaks into BGPH.
    Formed by placing BCOL under high heat and vacuum.
    Melts at 3400 C, and at max temp and pressure, slowly transitions into DMND.
    Burns slowly like COAL; has to be exposed to FIRE at 400+ C.
    Element 4.5: BGPH
    Description: Broken graphite. Can color surfaces dark. Very flammable.
    Idea by: micro
    Status: Added!

    Element 5: MELT
    Description: Melting powder. Instantly boils water. Activated by cold or lava, causing it to heat up and spread among molten materials.
    Creates smoke, fire, or plasma depending on its temperature.

    Can be neutralized by FRZZ and neutralizes FRZW.
    Idea by: gtobb
    Status: Added!

    Element 6: MEND
    Description: Memory alloy. Deforms under pressure, but returns to its original shape when heated.

    Its shape can be changed by melting.

    Created by melting PTNM and IRON together.
    Idea by: AHAhuman
    Status: Added!

    Element 7: HALO
    Description: Halogens. Reacts with alkali metals to produce SALT, kills STKM, chlorinates water, and damages most elements it touches.

    Kills biological materials (such as PLNT) and heats up when it reacts with anything. Unlike CAUS, reactions have by-products.

    Liquefies under pressure or extreme cold.

    Glows intensely when sparked by TUNG.

    Charged when struck by lightning, causing it to temporarily convert anything it touches into PLSM. Difficult to control, but I challenge weapon builders to try their best.

    Element 7.5: CHLW

    Description: Chlorinated water. Like DSTW, but cannot be contaminated.
    Idea by: proplayer
    Status: Added!




    - v7.3

    • Fixed pavg0/pavg1 causing incompatibility with newer snapshots

    - v7.2

    • Fixed BGPH's particle coloring behavior

    - v7.1

    • Fixed SMDB's interaction with walls
    • MELT now boils CHLW

    - v7.0

    • Added HALO (Halogens)
    • Added 2 new FFLD modes
    • Fixed several bugs related to FFLD

    - v6.0

    • Added MEND (Memory Alloy)

    - v5.0

    • Added MELT (Melting Powder)
    • Fixed some bugs with GRPH conductance
    • Overhauled FFLD mode encoding (now has 1,320 unique modes)

    - v4.0

    • Added GRPH (Graphite)
    • Fixed SMDB's name (SDMB -> SMDB)

    - v3.0

    • Added FFLD (Forcefield generator)
    • Made SMDB no longer destroy intangible walls
    • TRIT now has a liquid form at high (10+) pressure
    • Fixed error messages when TRIT is placed outside bounds

    - v2.0

    • Added TRIT (Tritium).

    - v1.0

    • Added SMDB (Super Mega Death Bomb).
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    I would like to request "FFLD"

    Description: Force field generator. Generates a force field around a radius equal to it's tmp when powered. When active, the force field wil destroy all elements passing through or only the generator's ctype when provided.

    Note: it may be a bit hard to make this work properly, mainly because there are some elements which travel more then 1 pixel at a time, so if it's too hard to add that's understandable.

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    Can you add bismuth which can grow colorful crytals if its melting and with a lower melting point than other metals and a bit radioactive.

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    Could you add TMPR, which is an element that takes the ctype of nearby BRAY and converts it into tmp of adjacent FILT? It will open endless possibilities...

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    I quite like all three of these ideas.


    @RubidianLabs Unfortunately, the problem with doing something like FFLD in Lua is that it would be ***extremely*** laggy if its TMP was anything more than probably about 3. A slightly different interpretation could work: How about a "shield generator" that functions like CLNE, but instead of placing particles directly next to itself, it would build a ring around itself depending on the size of your cursor when you place it.


    @MCobblestone Bismuth would actually work pretty well when combined with some ideas from other suggestors. It wouldn't be entirely realistic, but hey it would be fun.


    @JozeffTech I'm hoping to add a wide variety of elements and this seems like it would be a great pick for an electronic one. Noted.

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    SELECTIVE WALL: Only allows the element to be selected with an inverted mode that allows everything except the selected to pass.
    I think this would be extremely helpful.

    GASOLINE: Like diesel but more stable, it does not explode due to pressure.

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    @Amogus9000sus (View Post)


    The walls are used, for example, order the saves by date and search for "laser" and just look at the first page and you will see if it is still used in 2022.
    On the gasoline side, it would be one more element to have fun experimenting.

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