Element Suggestion: Vanadium, VANA

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    Vanadium, VNDM

    "Vanadium, becomes stronger at pressure extremes, reacts with acidic elements."

    VNDM would be similar to TTAN in that it blocks pressure and has a high melting point, specifically being 1800C. However, it is also similar to CRMC in that it becomes stronger with pressure, raising its melting point by 1C for every two units of pressure over 20, but also in the other direction(1C for every two units below -20). This would give it applications in areas where for example there is a nuclear reactor and you need some shielding behind the main protection in case something goes slightly wrong, and also as a bunker material.


    List of other stuff it does:

    • Becomes brown in the presence of OXYG which changes the pressure-melting point scale from 2 to 3 for 1C, undone by PROT.
    • Can become radioactive when bombarded by NEUT, occasionally emitting NEUT until depleted when it becomes normal VNDM(occurs after releasing the neutrons it absorbed, max 10 NEUT).
    • Radioactive VNDM can become TTAN if further bombarded by NEUT although this is very rare.
    • Can't be dissolved by acids, instead, it becomes VNTC, see below.


    Vanadium Tetrachloride, VNTC

    "Vanadium Tetrachloride, acidic liquid capable of hydrolyzing into other acidic elements."

    Although this assumes that the acids are halogens, namely some form of Chlorine, I'll proceed anyway.

    VNTC is a reddish liquid element created when VNDM is exposed to ACID or CAUS for a while. It acts like oxygen and oxidizes other elements like IRON and other VNDM and is toxic to stickmen. It is also corrosive like the ACID/CAUS it was made from and can melt other materials and even convert more VNDM. When in contact with any type of water, it has a good chance every frame to release some ACID and CAUS(mostly CAUS) becoming oxidized VNDM in the process.



    VNDM is a metal that has properties of TTAN and CRMC(without the negative pressure crumble bit) and is one of the few elements to create new elements when in contact with ACID/CAUS. It could be useful in bunkers and nuclear reactors as it is tougher than TTAN and becomes stronger with increasing or decreasing pressure. However, it could be defeated by ACID/CAUS meaning some planning should be used when using it in a bunker as an acid bomb could easily ruin your day by converting VNDM spam into a deadly weapon. 




    CTYPE: No purpose

    TMP: NEUT left before depletion(if 0, non-radioactive, max 10)

    TMP2: Frames it has been in contact with ACID/CAUS for( decreases by 1 every 5 ticks not in contact and increases by 1 for every tick in contact with ACID/CAUS, upon reaching 90 becomes VNTC)



    CTYPE: No purpose

    TMP: Frames left until it can react with water (starts at 10 on element creation and decreases every frame until 0, if 0 can react with water)

    TMP2: Specific tone of red-orange, similar to QRTZ colour variation(naturally ranges from 1 to 12, 1 is darker and more rust-red, 12 is lighter and redder)

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    Could maybe used for something.

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    I think VaNaDiuM is a better name; VNDM.

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    @IEATDIRT (View Post)

     Actually yea, will change that now.

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    I think VNDM would be a good element, but VNTC seems kind of useless

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     VMTC kinda serves as a deterrent from just spamming VNDM and could probably serve some other functions since it is a liquid hybrid of OXYG and ACID in function. It also keeps VNDM more unique as the reaction with acidic elements forms another element (VNTC).

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