neutron sourse

  • geoatom
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    we need normal neurton sourse

    with melting temperatur uh obamium cant be destroyed

    and that will create many neutrons controled by uh life or something other i dont know this game ver good uh

    and that will be indestructible even by void blachholes and other things like rays

    - we need obamium atomic number 312 as a neutron sourse


    NOTE: IF U ONE OF GUY who will say we have polonium try create small rod with polonium for start fission of plutionium - this is impossible

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  • nukzhy
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    use polonium and console commands or get  mods

  • geoatom
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    bruh i mean i want use it in public saves

  • nukzhy
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    with console commands you can

  • geoatom
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    i mean i need neutron source that dont melts or create many heat like polonium

  • SamDwich
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    @geoatom (View Post)

     Use POLO, it isn't hard, use NTCT or PTCT to cool it down, and you can use pressure to set off a Plutonium charge.

  • geoatom
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    bru  read note

  • ArolaunTech
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    Ways to create NEUT:





    POLO (with cooling such as NTCT or PTCT)



    And because of polonium's existence, obamium will probably not be added into the game.

  • geoatom
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    none of them are good for reactors trust me and mine failed tests

  • 6nop6nop
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    you're just going to have to engineer a workaround then