dense plasma - liquid

  • geoatom
    24th February Member 0 Permalink

    so i had idea about stars so

    what about dense plasma that can be created if any element heated to 10 million degress  c yes break a heat borderand it will create under high temperature and pressure soem elements from helium to uranium or tungenstein

    but reaction will start stooping after plasma will have many dense iron plasma

    and under ultra high pressure and more high gravity and low reaction power create giantic explosion and if there was many dense plasma black hole

    and add some things from lava that i saw in my save named centrifuge syn

    NOTE: helium not in game so if player have mods fusion will create helium

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  • SamDwich
    7th May Member 1 Permalink

    you literally cannot heat something to 10 million degrees, the engine physically cannot allow that.

  • ArolaunTech
    14th May Member 1 Permalink

    This would make a ton of saves obsolete (all the star saves), no support.

  • NF
    14th May Member 0 Permalink

    Helium is in the game, NBLE exists, although I think more gases need to be added. It's a bit of a neglected category.