Element suggestion: Dark matter (DKMT)

  • unanuep
    17th Dec 2021 Member 1 Permalink

    I've been thinking about this for some time, and I came to the decision of presenting this suggestion, from my point of view it could be a great addition to the game, it is said that the 80% of the universe is made out of dark matter, so I thought, why not using it in this game, some of the properties I thought for it to have is : 


    1: a redish black or a purple black color.

    2: gas state, not flamable, neither soluble

    3: highly explosive under pressure, also generate energy when having negative pressure 


    I wish its taken in consideration.


  • MachineMan
    18th Dec 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    73% of the universe is dark energy, 23% is dark matter, and 4% is everything else.

  • ArolaunTech
    15th January Member 0 Permalink