Element: SLVR, ELTR,

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    SiLVeR, ELecTRum


    Silver (desc: Silver, amazing conductor and highly corrosion resistant)

    Conducts 2x as fast as gold, and reverses iron corrosion like gold. melts at 961c, corrodes with ACID though


    Electrum (desc: Electrum, gold and silver alloy, conducts heat very quickly)

    Conducts heat with the same properties as HEAC(for destructible reactors), but melts at 1012 C,lets pressure through very easily, forms lava(eltr) when 2 pixels lava(gold), and 1 pixel lava(slvr) are within a 2 pixel radius of eachother

    corrodes very slowly with ACID 

  • ArolaunTech
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    Silver: we have ARAY+FILT, and also INST, which conduct instantly. Plus we have WIFI, which breaks in high pressure.


    Electrum: HEAC exists, and can be detroyed in many ways, so is destructible.

  • MachineMan
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    And ARAY/FILT is already the fastest wire in tpt, fractionally faster than INST.

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