No cooldown conducting

  • MachineMan
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    The element has been suggested before but I think I figured out how to implement it.  Here it is:


    Superconductor (or SPRC):


    Electrical properties:  When SPRK(SPRC) turns back into SPRC, the resulting SPRC has no life value and is instantly ready to conduct again.  SPRC can only conduct SPRK with a life of 4 or higher; this prevents SPRK from traveling backwards as SPRC does not have the life-based mechanic that other conductive elements have in order to prevent backwards-traveling SPRK.  This element will make it easier to make solid SPRK as SPRK(SPRC) that is touching BTRY, CONV(SPRK) or any triggered sensor (except INVS which doesn't generate electricity) won't be able to turn back into SPRC if it isn't close enough to spark another conductive element.  Instead, the SPRK(SPRC) will simply have it's life set back to 4 at the point it would otherwise turn back into SPRC.  No subframe techniques necessary.  Like PTNM, GOLD, and SLCN, SPRC doesn't heat up as electricity travels along the wire.


    Misc properties:  SPRC doesn't conduct heat but it's temperature can be changed by protons.  It turns WATR into FRZW upon contact.  It turns SNOW into FRZZ upon contact.  It turns EXOT into CLFM upon contact, useful for faster CLFM/EXOT-based engines without the use of protons.


    Creation:  SPRC can be created in all the usual ways; via brush, console, etc.  RBDM also turns into SPRC when cooled down to -60C.  SPRC turns back into RBDM when heated up to 1C.  Unlike RBDM; however, SPRC doesn't have any explosive properties of any kind.


    NOTE:  In real life, rubidium is really a superconducter when it's at subzero temperatures.

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    Maybe you can make it explode when Sub-Zero flame touches it

  • Teranode
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    There are a few problems with this suggestion, and they are

    1) It's the element that checks for SPRK and its .ctype not the other way around. How would you make it work with elements like CRAY that works differently when sparked with different elements?

    2) PROT already changes heat for every element except INSL so that point isn't needed.

    3) RBDM turning into SPRC can't be implemented unless there's a way to preserve save compatibility.

    4) It does something that's already possible in game.


    Not that the suggestion is bad or anything like that, these are just some obvious problems you need to address to make it a complete and good one.


    Omg, Am I writing too much good stuff with this account lately? Suspicious.

  • TuDoR2007
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    ive done this before as a modded element but it creates an infinite loop of SPRK as a sideffect which is probably not what you're looking for

  • MachineMan
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    I shall reply to all to all of you:


    @PigLover5 (View Post)

     It's supossed to turn EXOT into CFLM faster that protons do.  This explosive property would negate any benefits it's "turn EXOT into CFLM" property may have.


    @Teranode (View Post)

     I appreciate the constructive criticism,  but I would like to clarify that SPRC would check the SPRK's life value and that I never said anything about SPRK checking for SPRC.  I would also like to clarify that that RBDM turning into SPRC won't break saves because nobody is cooling RBDM to sub-zero temperatures, and that SPRC will allow the creation of solid SPRK without having to obey the subframe order; this is currently impossible to do without it resulting in a subframe machine that doesn't work properly when you publish your save.


    @TuDoR2007 (View Post)

     The fact that SPRC only conducts SPRK if SPRK has a life of 4 or higher prevents an infinite spark loop.

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    @MachineMan (View Post)

     I do cool RBDM to sub-zero temperatures. Its for cold explosives