Element Suggestion: BCOV

    2nd Nov 2021 Member 6 Permalink

    Breakable CoNVerter

    alt name: BCNV

    BCOV is CONV with the same "destructible" properties as BCLN or PBCN, it would help in making lungs that are destructible without having to make them breathe CO2 and exhale OXYG

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  • yeetme
    4th Nov 2021 Member 1 Permalink

    Actually thats a great idea, conv is indestructible and has some rather special properties like clne so it should also have a breakble version or powerable version

  • Rubidianlabs
    4th Nov 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    Amazing idea, considering we already have a breakable option for CLNE this feature would make perfect sense.

  • ArolaunTech
    15th January Member 0 Permalink

    Good idea, but there are other ways to convert OXYG into CO2 without CONV (but they don't look as good).