Corium and tritinite

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    There are a few Irl minerals that are formed by nuclear activities of humans that I would like to see as a by-product of neutrons or other radioactive material coming into contact with ROCK, SAND, CNCT, or other rock-esc elements in The Powder Toy, 2 are Corium, formed by reactor meltdowns and is a mix of concrete, uranium, metal, and other stuff you would find in a reactor and trinitite, a glass first formed by the Trinity nuclear bomb test in New Mexico


    CORE: a highly radioactive solid element formed by exposing molten STNE or CNCT to 10-30+ pressure and NEU or exposing molten ROCK to Neutrons its color is a mix of black and brown (similar to the color of the Elephant's foot, a corium formation found under the failed reactor #4 in Chernobyl) with a bit of dark green. CORE would emit a lot of Neutrons, but over time CORE becomes less radioactive and emit less neutrons


    TRIT (or RGLS): a radioactive glass-like powder element, formed when molten glass/sand is exposed to neutrons, slightly radioactive and has a color of a greyish-green, emits small amounts of neutrons

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    Core is basically polonium and trit would help how?

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    cant really see much use for CORE tbh

    as for TRIT/RGLS, honestly i could see the use in an element which just emits neutrons every now and then as a source of them in a reactor (cuz polo decays and can melt) without using CLNE or such

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    Yeah good point but trit / rlgs won't make a good reactor fuel but I can think of a few random spark generators that could be built


    +1 for trit/rlgs only

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     i meant as a neutron source for more powerful stuff like plut