Age Of Civilizations rules/about

  • KnZahid300
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    is my game


    1.-Don't swear

    2.-Don't say bad things to another users in game

    3.-No ads

    4.-Don't copy my game

    If you break my rules,you will get an strike

    1st strike:cannot do actions for 1 week

    2nd strike:warning

    3rd strike:ban in my game




    KnZahid300:is me



    Good Luck!!!

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  • connorhatescorn
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    save doesnt exist lol

  • SamDwich
    2nd August Member 0 Permalink

    they turned id:404 into a game


    funniest s))) i've ever seen


    also why do i get banned for a week for the first offense, warned for the second one, and then banned for an unknown amount of time on the third?

  • KnZahid300
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    it got deleted because of alot of bad rates,someone lock the tread

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