Im having troubles building on mac

  • KingKobra7899
    15th September Member 0 Permalink

    Im following this guide (


    and were it says to run these commands


    meson build-debug
    cd build-debug


    im getting the error 

    zsh: command not found: meson

    cd: no such file or directory: build-debug

    zsh: command not found: ninja

  • jacob1
    15th September Developer 0 Permalink
    Did you run the necessary environment setup linked in the guide? If so, did any of these commands error? They may have errored if you didn't run the previous steps.

    xcode-select --install # asks you for confirmation, installs compilers
    sudo -H python -m pip install --upgrade pip # if you get "No module named pip", try python3
    sudo -H pip install --upgrade meson ninja
  • KingKobra7899
    19th September Member 0 Permalink

    i made sure to do everything in the guide and got the following errors 

    ERROR: Invalid requirement: '#'

    Error: luajit: no bottle available!