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    I'm building a a machine that makes BCOL from WOOD, but the PUMP box is flashing.  I need it to stay on continuously so I can slow down the BCOL output without the pressure changing.  The INSL I put up the stop the PSCN and NSCN pixels from sparking the PUMP box isn't working.  What should I do?

    Here is the save below:



    P.S. I'm using a PSTN mechanism to push the WOOD to the HSWC instead of putting next to the HSWC because unless the BCOL is produced slowly, I might as well have just made a CLNE pixel with ctype of BCOL.

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    Sorry to bring this up again, but this is the first save I made with WOOD's newest mechanic and I really want it to be ready when I publish it.

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    You have NSCN 2 pixels away from the PUMP on the right, all of your WIFI is on the same channel which is also preventing the PUMP from turning on as you have NSCN connected to WIFI with the same channel as the PSCN. This means your pump will turn off as soon as you turn it on, and because of the WIFI there's a sprk loop

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    I've repaired and relesed it now.  Thank you.