An Actually Good Magnet Idea(Electronic)

  • RamenNoodlesGuy
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    (This isn't to add magnetism to all metallic elements, but to add some magnet-like electronic tools.)

    This will include two new elements, Magnet(MGNT) and Magnet Reciever(MGRC), and two new walls.


    MGNT is a solid powered conductive material. It is activated using PSCN and deactivated using NSCN.
    MGRC is a powder powered conductive material that melts at 1650C. 
    When activated, MGNT uses a Newtonian Gravity-like system to attract MGRC particles connected to the same tmp channel, with a magnetism strength of its temp.(max=256, minimum=-256) Like GPMP.
    MGRC has a conductive speed a bit shy of GOLD, but faster than METL.
    Both the MGNT and MGRC break into BREL when hit by an EMP blast.
    The first wall only allows MGRC and magnetic waves through it. The second wall allows all particles, but blocks magnetic waves.
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  • geoatom
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    i want magnets for fusion reactors for plasma

  • MachineMan
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    @RamenNoodlesGuy (View Post)

    I have 2 notes:


    1.) MGNT should be more like REPL instead of being a powered material, so that it simulates a permanent magnet.


    2.) If tpt has an elemet like the one I mentioned above, then it should; likewise, have another element with the same properties but it IS a powered element.  This element would simulate an electromagnet.


    Other than that, pretty good as long as it doesn't use a modified version of the Newtonian gravity engine.  I like the idea of electromagnetism being simulated in some more obvious way besides conductive elements emiting pressure as electricity travels along.  However; I don't really see how this could be useful.

  • Asomion463
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    Magnets are on the rejected list but oth than that I like the idea

  • ArolaunTech
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    @Asomion463 I thought it was just magnets that are basically copies of newtonian gravity.

  • MachineMan
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    @ArolaunTech (View Post)

     It is just magnets that are basically copies of newtonian gravity, or more accurately, GPMP.

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