TPT Multiplayer v2

  • KnZahid300
    20th September Member 0 Permalink

    Some users want to lag my room,like trophy_buck819

  • Pexy
    24th September Member 0 Permalink

    Does TPTMP have a proxy?

  • jacob1
    24th September Developer 0 Permalink
    @Pexy (View Post)
    I'm not sure what you are asking, but I'm going to say no.
  • KnZahid300
    27th September Member 0 Permalink

    Only you can use it downloading cracker1000 mod or installing from lua scripts

  • KnZahid300
    11th October Member 0 Permalink

    What magenta namless thing?

  • jacob1
    11th October Developer 0 Permalink
    @KnZahid300 (View Post)
    They are used internally by tptmp, and aren't meant to show to users. They will be removed in a future update.
  • KnZahid300
    13th October Member 0 Permalink

    Ok,but how will be the next update?

  • KnZahid300
    20th October Member 0 Permalink

    Some elements like that magenta nameless element or element scripts,the another players see that im holding unknown element

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