List of reactions

  • bodester
    29th July Member 1 Permalink

    Has anyone ever compiled a list of all elemental reactions? If not, am looking to do so.


    What would be the best way to set up this list? I was thinking an array like:


    [reactant1, reactant2, temp_requirement, pressure_requirement, product1, product2, temp_delta, pressure_delta, probability]



    Is there any way I could get all the element icons for a UI?


    Would this be a complete waste of time? Reactions would be entered manually.




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  • RaconTPT
    3rd August Member 0 Permalink

    i dont think it will be a complete waste of time. It would be nice to have such a list, especially in an array like that. it might be hard to put all condisions and reactions in a simple table.

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  • Ayeeeee199
    10th August Member 0 Permalink

    well i know i dont but i do know every reaction possible since im so addicted to this game. so ask me what reacts with what and thats the best you will get

  • RoanLOL
    24th November Member 0 Permalink

    everything. yes, everything.