New Element - XRAY

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    Basic Properties:

    • Element name - XRAY
    • Element description - "X-rays. Loses velocity when passing through elements."
    • Color - HEX 0xfcdb03 or RGB(252, 219, 3)
    • Element type - Energy particles
    • Category - Radioactive


    XRAY particles do not increase or decrease air pressure, nor do they conduct heat.


    Features and Reactions:

    • As XRAY particles travel on screen, they lose a small, constant amount of velocity per frame (around 0.01 to 0.05). This velocity loss applies to both VX and VY, and will bottom out at 0 velocity.
    • XRAY particles have the ability to pass through most elements. Some elements, such as TTAN, INSL, IRON, GOLD, FRME, and PTNM reflect XRAY particles. Other elements, such as ROCK, absorb XRAY particles.
    • XRAY particles lose larger amounts of velocity when passing through elements. Elements like GOO, WOOD, PLNT, SPNG, and GLASS have little affect on an XRAY particle's velocity. Elements such as BRCK, METL, BMTL, and CRMC greatly reduce the velocity of XRAY particles.
    • XRAY particles that touch STKM or FIGH cause the stickman or fighter to lose health.
    • XRAY particles that touch PLNT increase the plant's TMP2. If a particle of PLNT reaches a TMP2 of 100 or greater, it turns into VIRS.


    Use Cases:

    • XRAY scanners, where multiple particles of XRAY are fired at an unknown object, and the velocity of the particles are measured with VSNS on the other side (thus determining the object's "density").
    • Distance finders, where a single particle of XRAY is fired at a detector or reflector and the velocity of the particle is measured.
    • More realistic radiation (with radiation strength)
    • A complement to VSNS, as velocity sensor alone has few uses.
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    This is a great idea! It would be nice to see this in the game, and seems like it always should have been.

  • MachineMan
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    An expansion of the electromagnetic spectrum in tpt sounds awesome!  My only note is there should be some way to turn PHOT into XRAY particles.  I was already brainstorming an two elements that would do just that and more, when I just happen to come across this suggestion.  1+

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    @MachineMan (View Post)

     I think that a great way to turn PHOT (or maybe ELEC) into XRAY would be to have a high velocity particle (20 or more VX/VY) come in contact with a particle of TUNG. That would be somewhat realistic, based on how X-RAY emitters work in the real world.

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