Mods for mobile SOLVED

  • Smart_powder
    15th Jul 2021 Member 2 Permalink

    Its quite simple to getting mods for mobile


    For a video of this tutorial here's a YouTube link copy and paste this in a browser like Google 


    So step 1

    Open toy

    Step 2

    Open console and type tpt.getscript(1, "autorun.lua", 1)

    Step 3 there should be a message box that's says cancel and install click install

    Step4 there should be a new button that is kinda next to the stamp tool

    Click this new button and then a menus for Kya scrpts should appear

    Click online and choose mods by clicking then click continue and BOOM MODS

  • Thecrazyguy
    16th Jul 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    Aaaaa so like the server not available it say

  • InactiveUser123
    24th Jul 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    Thanks can't wait to try out mods on mobile! +1 I also subscribed

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  • ShadowsSimulations
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    Bruh its fake

  • neutrex65
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    @ShadowsSimulations (View Post)

    maybe ur fake

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  • Timo204
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    It works perfectly it's not fake wth?!? follow instructions. Enjoying the new elements and mods using an android tablet no issues whatsoever thanks!!!

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  • edr-01
    23rd June Member 0 Permalink

    Amazing, it works! You can't scroll the list of mods (it is not intended to be used on mobile), but at least you can use some interesting things (I downloaded jacob's powered black and white holes). I assume that if you have a rooted Android, you could add your own scripts with a file explorer.

  • TPT_boi1
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    But how do I close the console