Wall Breaking Challenge

  • -KoiTheFish-
    8th June Member 0 Permalink

    Let's see who can break this wall



  • 1_1
    9th June Member 0 Permalink

    A generous layer of vibranium is enough to almost get through the first layer. It destoys all of the battery, and if you swamp it with protons right after the explosion, you can make sure no more shield generates either. After that, you're just left with the mercury on top of an INSL layer.


    From then on, you could easily just drain the mercury (either with lots of negative pressure or by abusing the heat expansion mechanic) until the INSL gets exposed, then use FIRE to burn it.


    If you don't think using VIBR is fair game, I think you could easily get as powerful of an explosion using fusion.


    I might take a crack at more layers later.