Suggestion to add microwaves

  • Omenaplayer
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    Microwaves (MIWS) are heat conducting energy particles that turn into plasma when they touch metal. They also dont collide with any kind of elements other than faraday's shield (FRSD). If a microwave collides with faraday's shield, it bounces off away from it with an increased velocity. Microwaves aren't able to fly through a 1-3 pixel sized gap of faraday's shield but any gap bigger than that is fine.


    I think microwaves should have a reddish colour because that is the closest colour to microwaves colour in the radiowave spectrum. It shouldnt be too close to the colour of protons so maybe it could be a mix of red and white. The white being the colours we cant see and the red being the colour we "can" see.


    I know it isnt that usefull for everyone but it would be nice to have more variation in energy particles, because atleast i myself have been struggling to find new ways to make energy weapons in tpt. This would also make it possible to make realistic microwaves which would actually use microwaves.


    Ofcourse if you who are reading this have some opinions about my idea go ahead and share your thoughts about it.

  • Omenaplayer
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    I got an idea of another feature that the microwaves could have. Water could absorb microwaves in a way that the microwaves would still move normally inside the water except it wont get out from it. If a microwave is about to exit water, it will collide with the edge of the water and keep bouncing inside the water the same way it would bounce inside a box made out of faraday's shield. Hopefully atleast someone understands what i mean with this.