Deathslayer's Universal Physics mod

  • Deathslayer448
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    I want to try and make a type of physics mod that adds all the features I have wanted but could never find, accurate fusion, pair production, matter-energy conversion, and advanced chemical reactions, maybe even some space-time physics.


    Heavily inspired by cyens toy science mod series and Seppos metallurgy mod, I want to make a mod with the compiled abilities of every other mod with these cool features as well as any other suggested ones.


    Any help for this mod is welcome, I have made a discord server for anyone who wants to help out or wants to stay up to date with the mod



    Here is the github link for download:

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    send another discord link

    its expired

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    ok, the link is now a permanent invite.

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    I'm moving this to General because this isn't a fully or even partially developed modded client yet. Quoted from the Modding Rules thread:

    4) Do not post mod announcements. These are threads that announce a mod that will be released in a year or months from the thread. They may also ask for suggestions. Most of these never end up getting released for a few months, or ever, and just give false hope to the people who think it's real. If you want suggestions, there is the feedback forum, and a mod suggestion thread. You can post these threads if you have proof you have started (ex. Github commits, or a few elements made)

    EDIT thread moved back to modded section
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    sorry about that, it was supposed to have it's basic features by now but I was delayed by a fire at my house, however it does have a github, technically it is not a fully vanilla version since is has the foundation changes added for some of the other features

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    Alright thanks and sorry to hear about that!

    I've moved the thread back to the mods topic again since you've included the repo now.
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    This mod sounds fun