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    Currently, NBLE does not let NEUT pass.
    This means that from a fusion reaction, most of the NEUT is absorbed back with no gain in temperature or pressure.
    NBLE effectively blocks its own NEUT output, and so does CO2 and OXYG, even PLSM.
    This is what our current fusion reaction puts out in NEUT for a ball 1/8th size of the screen.
    When it could be like this:

    Note that currently, in the fusion reaction, there is this amount of NEUT, but instantly deletes the NEUT.
    That is why I wanted to vote to change NBLE so that it lets NEUT pass.
    I believe current fusion neutron output is a joke.
    I tested how this change would be for existing saves - this change does not break any saves.
    Would you like to see NBLE allowing NEUT to pass? Let me know by replying to this post!
    What about letting the other fusion gases NEUTpass? (HYGN, CO2, OXYG, PLSM)
    Any feedback will be appreciated. :)

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