TPT Remade IV

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    "oh god how many is he making now"

    this is another update of
    'll probably remove VSNS soon since it's being added into the actual main game
    i won't remove SILC tho, silicon in here is completely different compared to the powdered silicon in the new update

    the direct .lua file: 

    raw script if it stops working:
    tutorial on how to manually download this ^ in the other tread i linked

    i also updated the save with all the elements laid out: id:2608807

    update: added some new stuff and tweaked a few other elements


    cant really change the title of this post but i dont feel like making another one so here you go, 2 files (TPTRemadeVA and TPTRemadeVB), just plop them both in there and activate them both 

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    tiny bump: TPTRemadeV
    (dunno if this counts as a necro or just a bump, sorry if its a necro)

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    Hello, how do i use the mod? where do i put it?

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    @TPTnormie (View Post)

     you put the lua files in your script folder
    (if you dont have one you need to get the script manager)

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     i am using J's mod for tpt, it has a script manager, but it keeps on saying there might be an infinite loop, is it a problem with the compatibility, or is it just a glitch? sorry to bother you again, i can only talk sometimes because i am 1. grounded and 2. am working on making a shield, thanks

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    @TPTnormie (View Post)

    yeah there might be an infinite loop but it shouldnt affect anything except maybe a very slight performance drop? (probably unnoticeable), just click "ok" instead of stopping the script
    should probably work on jacob1's mod but i havent tested it, i know it works on cracker1000's mod tho (i also haven't tested ultimata and the universal physics mod)
    dw you're not bothering me btw

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    Sorry if this is a necropost but the element TCHN causes a script warning to appear. "bad argument #3 to 'partProperty' (number expected, got nil). I believe I have found the part of the script it is referring to but I don't know what is supposed to be there.


    local tchn = elements.allocate("TPT" , "TCHN")
    elements.element(tchn, elements.element(elements.DEFAULT_PT_URAN)), "Name" , "TCHN"), "Description" , "Technetium, decays over time and leaves heat."), "Color", 0x205570), "MenuSection", 11), "Update", --*1
    function(i,x,y) --1
    if math.random(1,11520) == 1 then --2
    sim.partProperty(i, "temp", sim.partProperty(i, "temp")+400)
    if math.random(0,63) > 0 then --3
    sim.partProperty(i, "type", elements.DEFAULT_PT_STNE)
    sim.partProperty(i, "type", elements.DEFAULT_PT_TCHN)
    end --3
    end --2
    end --1
    ) --*1, "HighTemperatureTransition", elements.TPT_PT_TCHN)

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    @GRAEYgoo (View Post)

     huh, i see the issue and i dont know why that's there, i'll update TPTRemadeVA on tpt's discord and fix it

    thanks for the feedback

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     tpt has a discord? How do I get in?