Virus infecting slower

  • Goma19
    11th October Member 0 Permalink

    Hello, i'm playing The Powder Toy for a while now and i've tried many commands to make VIRS, VRSS and VRSG infect others particules more slowly but i couldn't find any, can someone please help me ?



  • forthe
    13th October Member 1 Permalink

    VIRS spread rate is controlled by C++ code and hardcoded constants. You can't change it outside of recompiling TPT.

  • Goma19
    17th October Member 0 Permalink

    Ok, and how can i do that ?

  • coolpowders
    23rd October Member 0 Permalink

    You would have to download, modify source code, and recompile it.

  • Goma19
    24th October Member 0 Permalink

    where can i download it ? And wouldn't this require coding skills ? Because I don't know anything about coding ?