does new wire require rewriting sprk

  • ReallyJustDont
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    If I want to create a new conductive/wire element that uses SPRK, would I have to rewrite the SPRK update function, or is it automatically compatible somehow

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  • LBPHacker
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    You just have to add the PROP_CONDUCTS and PROP_LIFE_DEC properties to your element. In C++ that would be just OR-ing them into Properties, that is:Properties = ... | PROP_CONDUCTS | PROP_LIFE_DEC;... if they're not already there; this is how METL does it. In Lua it'd be something, "Properties", bit.bor(, "Properties"), elem.PROP_CONDUCTS, elem.PROP_LIFE_DEC))
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    ah, thanks. so if i do create an element, for example a "silver" element based on brck, which just has CONDUCTS and LIFE_DEC with no update function, what elements would it conduct to and from by default?

  • LBPHacker
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    Everything else with those properties, plus/minus whatever exceptions there are in SPRK's code.