New FILT mode ideas

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    CRAY deserializes FILT bits into dcolour, which already makes it easier to achieve orange, magenta (not pink,) chartreuse, and violet dcolours (yes, i have cracked the ctype for violet.)  But when I bounced photons off of GOO and used CRAY and FILT to convert it to brown dcolour, all I acheived was bright orange.  So here's an idea for 2 new FILT tmp modes:


    tmp 12:  "shade" mode.  Like "AND" mode, it only allows photons and BRAY to pass through if it matches it's ctype.  But unlike "AND" mode, it darkens the color of the photons or BRAY that passes through it.  For example:  a yellow "shade" FILT would turn yellow photons brown, while a magenta "shade" FILT would turn magenta photons purple (not violet.)  Basically, the same effect as mixing a color with black.  DTEC or LDTC can serialize these darkened colors into FILT bits.


    tmp 13:  "tint" mode.  Same as "shade" mode but opposite effect.  Instead of darkening incoming photons or BRAY, it brightens them and can also reverse what "shade" FILT does to them.  For example, a purple "tint" FILT (see above) can turn purple photons (see above) back into magenta photons.  "tint" FILT can also make brighter versions of what ever photon or BRAY matches it's ctype.  A red "tint" FILT would turn red photons pink (not magenta.)  Basically, the same effect as mixing a color with white.  DTEC or LDTC can serialize these brightened colors into FILT bits.


    NOTE:  I know this is almost certain to be difficult to code.  But if it can be achieved, it'll be easier to achieve a variety of dcolours such as brown and purple.

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    Sorry, but you're misunderstanding how FILT colours work. It's impossible to make a colour darker.