make real combustion

  • lukinhagf
    22nd March Member 0 Permalink

    we know that to occur fire needs to have temperature,fuel and oxigen
    but on powder toy just 1x1 px fire explodes all fuels
    program the reactions
    if hygn temp = 200C
     temperature = 1                                 
    if oxygen near to fuel                                  hygn -> 10 <- oxyg
    if (temperature=1+oxygen=1)
    replace fuel with fire(REACT)

    add a option to activate or disable this because this needs more computation power

  • Mdkar
    23rd March Member 0 Permalink

    This would be impractical because then oxygen would be needed for all combustion reactions, and you would need a constant supply of it to actually sustain a fire. In real life, this is not needed because of the abundance of oxygen in our atmosphere. If you really wanted this feature, it could be included in a mod, but I don't really see the use of such a feature. Air in the simulation acts like our atmosphere and provides a constant source of oxidizer. 


    For oxygen burning by itself, this is also unrealistic, but I don't know if it's worth "fixing".