Super Stickio game

  • Matera_the_Mad
    6th March Member 0 Permalink

    This is a very playable stickman game -- even I can do it! LOL -- but challenging enough to be a little frustrating at times. It takes a little patience and skill to make a good score as well as get to the end. Please give it a try.


    Allowable cheats are listed in the game. The undo trick is awesome, especially in the upper level where Stick keeps fatally falling into the spaces. I have no idea how many times I've played it, but it was enough to find all the fixable bugs. There is one buggy feature left that may randomly kill the little dude. I will not say what it is. :p


    I didn't use my own counter because I have not yet built one without wifi, and I didn't want to deal with it. All of the major structural material is stabilized TRON for a couple of reasons. 1, I like TRON. 2, I observed that the stick seemed less likely to fall through TRON than BRCK. But mainly, I like TRON.