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    I want to craft a gun that explodes firw. Sounds easier said than done. Why? \/ \/ Look below. \/ \/


    Chapter 1:the basic ideas


    So, I basically think it's surprisingly easy. I come up with a handgun shape, and I am feeling very good.

    After a few minutes, I started building. 


    Chapter 2:The actual gun building part *pew pew!*


    So, I build the rough shape, I add the electrics, and that's when my first problem appeared.


    Chapter 3: 99 Problems *get it?*


    So, I test it out, and the firw wouldn't detonate, also the range was too big. 

    I change the bottom spawner to fire, test it again andddddd....  It flew up 80 meters in the sky, and it blew up in your head. (basically) then, my mood levels dropped to medium, while my rage/insanity levels rose to medium. I used fray, put the temperature up to high levels, tested it, and nothing changed. Then I started getting ANGERY. I thought I wouldn't be getting anywhere with fray, so I changed it to a repeller. I set it to firw, cranked up the temp, and tested it. It kinda worked, but it wasn't really working, I was about to freak out. Then, I added a second repeller, but for the fire, did the same, like the above, tested it and it didn't work!!! I started playing with the temperature, did not work, FREAKED OUT, MOOD WENT TO 0, ANGER TO 100, AND THEN............ I SAID "SCREW IT." AND GAVE UP.


    Please help me! 


    -Problem list-

    1. Firw wouldn't propel forward. 

    2. Firw Flys up, like a bird when ignited

    3. My possibilities would be ineffective.

    4. I almost wanted to drink bleach. (no, I don't suicide myself. I am not a psychopath.)

    5. Sdfhjfdejhjurreijdfejirfuhirefuerru8u

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  • BrianTheEngineer
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    The solution is simple. I have come up with two ideas that could work.


    Idea #1: Light the FIRW using CRAY, then use DLAY to wait for a few frames. During this time, the FIRW will attempt to fire upwards, in which it will fail, after which the FRAY should fire with moderately high temperatures to propel the FIRW forward about a few hundred pixels.


    Idea #2: This one is a bit cheaty, but it should work. You use DRAY to teleport lit FIRW to its location.

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    @BrianTheEngineer (View Post)

     I might consider that, thanks! I'll let the necro slide, because that's an good help. 

  • Nunnhem
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    i think ive tried this before, best option is probably to use a stasis wall with an ignited FIRW in it, and calibrate a dray to duplicate it into the barrel of your gun
    i think FIRW has inconsistent igniting, so it is very difficult to make a gun with it

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