Liquid fire/lqfr

  • Supercrafter
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    This is my suggestion for liquid fire it can:


    Burn through weak materials 

    Act as a smoke generator if placed in a cup

    Do interesting reactions like change color of some materials 



    Starts at 35 degrees 

    Slowly heats up on its own with smoke 

    Bursts into flames at 120 degrees 

    Starts vaporing at 90 degrees 

    Becomes dormant and semi solid at - 5 degrees 

  • Supercrafter
    17th August Member 0 Permalink

    It's a red glowing color 

    Starts gelling at 10 degrees and lower 

  • Lockheedmartin
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    Particular uses in saves? Generally, new element should do something that might make life easier for creating saves or has a really novel application
  • coryman
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    You can use MORT for a some of this- it's a hidden element, but you can find it through the search feature if you push E

  • Supercrafter
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    Mainly for labs