the powder toy on xbox one

  • ProbablyZizo
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    i have an xbox one and a laptop the laptop is is for dad can you Please!!! develop the full powder toy on xbox one

  • LBPHacker
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    As per point 6 here, nope, this is not happening.

  • Lockheedmartin
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    As noted in the Feedback thread 'How to suggest an elements' (, we cannot port TPT to mainstream game consoles due to licensing conflicts.

    Many companies use proprietary licensed libraries for game development that cannot be disclosed. Since GPLv3 (the license TPT is under) requires disclosure of the source code for any modified version of TPT, there is no proper and legal way to directly port the game over.
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    This is a indirect/direct problem from before, view undefined undefined sample text 

    for more information.


    Edit:it's not! 

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    The thread topic isn't a direct or even indirect "problem" . They're asking for porting the game to the XBox One, which requires a different process involving modifying the game.

    The thread you linked was about publishing ththe game on the Microsoft Store which doesn't require modifying and only useful for downloading the game onto Windows 10 S.
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    That would be cool, as it would greatly grow the community.