Backstory - The Dead Zone

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    Long before the Nexos Cluster was owned by the Nexonians, a big battle was fought at this location between the [Need Name] and the Nexonians; at one point in the battle, the enemy shot a death ray toward a Nexonian mothership.
    The mothership responed in kind, firing a superheated photon ray toward the death ray. As soon as the death ray and the photon ray collided, energy began to be drawn toward the collision point.
    The enemy percieved this as a second-stage charging of the photon ray, who then increased the power being fed into the death ray. Energy flowed in to the collision point
    faster and faster until it collapsed into an odd blackhole-like object, emitting a large shockwave and propelling both fleets a long distance away. The Nexonians made it back to the nearest base just barely,
    but the enemy fleet was severely depleted having used the extra energy on their death ray, leaving less for deflector shields.
    To this day, the Dead Zone has remained in that exact spot.


    [Need name for enemy]

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    What? Why are you posting this here?

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     I didn't see your comment until months later but I'm posting it here because I didn't want to type all that out using a texter.