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    1) Can we get a pinned ideas thread? -- I rarely get ideas for saves anymore, and usually they aren't high quality*, which makes me feel like I'm just making trash.

    I want something like a general ideas thread where anyone can post / view ideas if they are lacking ideas.

    2) Will there be more deco tools? -- *I also kind of suck at art, which seems to be a lot of the popularity factor; not to mention deco is boring for me,

    but simple things just "fade out" if they don't have any deco but the same functionality of something else that was very popular and well deco'd (I can deco keyboards pretty well, but the only things there are to deco are the textures for the keys, background textures, and possibly one or two others).

    I don't know at this point if I will do space stuff or not, because space stuff is mostly all deco, and typically something

    that involves a lot of deco will have me bored with it in a hurry even if I really wanted to do it at first.

    Point being, is there some nice easier way to do fancy deco? I tend to like gradients, which is very slow given the current

    deco tools; this crosses the line in my head between boring and effort. What would be great is atleast a gradient tool and "checker tool", used to make a checker board pattern with two colors.


    EDIT: Is that allowed? I can't remember if bumping is allowed so soon, sorry if I did an unruly bumping.

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    bump for deco tools