Super cold temperatures

  • Aschoolyardscientist
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    So I like to screw around with photons and stuff so I came to ask about good ways to cool elements. Like obviously there is freeze but I want to go with continuous photons. Does anyone know how?

  • coryman
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    TRON or stationary LIFE are usually good. You can make a 2x2 pixel block of GOL and it will cool down to 0K in just a few seconds (there are other patterns that work but that's the smallest and easiest to remember)

  • MachineMan
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    Speaking of tron, I once listed the tpt elements that are actually alive (apart from the game of life elements.)  Yeast, plant, and virus.  It seems that left tron out of the list.  Not only is tron a living thing, but it's also intelligent.  I know that this comment is irrelevant, but I felt it needed to be said.

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  • Nunnhem
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    conv(cflm) will constantly spawn cflm at it's starting temp. also, i think you can make a super- cooler with RFRG, but the conv- cflm will most likely work better.

  • zaza
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    i make a super ac with rfrg that cooled the rfrg to the max cool, and it intakes co2 and converts it to rfrg

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