My ideas for elements

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    First up.

    Copper (cppr)...same properties as that other guy who posted copper.

    Zinc (zinc) looks silvery and is a solid and has the melting point of real zinc and has the normal (sprk) speed. However when 1 pixel molten zinc and molten copper touch...they turn to 1 pixel of molten brass.

    Brass (brss) looks like a brighter copper and is solid and has the melting point of real brass and has the (sprk) speed of gold. Has a very high heat conductivity and heating above 2X the melting point of zinc will vaporise out the zinc...makeing molten  copper again. Also virus wont eat through brass.

    Plastic (pstc) looks blueish white and solid and blocks sprk like insl and has a low heat conductivity. Melts at 187 degrees-C into gel. Also deforms at a slightly higher pressure than goo. Forms then gel and acid touch at high concentrations.

    Fabric (fbrc) looks grayish white and dosent block sprk but has a slightly above plastic heat conductivity and burns when exposed to fire or plsm. When burning...creates alot of smoke. These ones i can think of.

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    3) Add in as many details and uses as you can. A boring element with not many uses will probably be ignored. If you give lots of uses, more people will like it want it to be added. Don't just add in random uses though, they should all have a purpose
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    I agree. Tpt should have plastic.  But plastic should be made when gel and OIL mix together (not just at high concentrations, but in any way at all.)

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