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    the idea would be to have a material \ powder called 'magnetic iro' [mtio] that every time it takes a [sprk] it will become magnetic, that is to activate the function similar to [pgrv], but that attracts [brmt, [brel] and [merc].


    'salt and [rfrg],[rfgl]'

    well every time the salt touches the [rfgl] the salt disappears and [rfgl] will explode, and every time the salt touches [rfrg] it will burn or it will turn [fire].


    terrace [TRRC] / muddy [MUDY] / manure [MNRE] / flower [flower].


    terrace [trrc] every time it takes [watr] it turns [mudy].


    muddy [mudy] liquid that when exposed to [bcol] or [sand] becomes fertilizer [mnre], it is flammable and turns coal quamdo exposed to [fire].


    [mnre] when and touched by [plnt] or [vine]

    turns [vine] and [flower] at the same time.


    [flower] it creates a kind of circle that varies in color, it is also very flammable.



    [plut] is produced in a form, execution:

    "[plut] + [oxyg] + [boyle] = [plox]",

      [plox] is 2x stronger than the original [plut]. plox = oxidized plutonium.

    [plox] + [hydrogen] = [plhg]

    plx and 2.5x stronger than plox

    Plutonium hydronized = {plhg}.

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