new element-glitter

  • Fusionftw
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    It would be called GLTR and have a base color of 200,200,200.

    Glitter sparkles just like gold and is indestructable.

    It is a light dust, a bit heavier than GRAV.

    Glitter's color is determined by its ctype or deco color; whichever is easier (wavelength, just like filt/phot).

    The sparkle would be made by taking the darker and lighter shades of the color chosen and switching them quickly.

    The tooltip would be,"Glitter. It gets everywhere.".

    it would be in the powders section.


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     You do know that you can use glow as a substitute? It may not do this stuff, but it works.

  • MachineMan
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    You can make solid glitter by drawing a lot of electrons around a block of liquid crystal