The Realistic Physics Mod

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    Oops, I had pretty much forgotten about the coal, now I've finished it, it was very realistic, now the temperature of the fire goes out with the temperature of the coal plus an increase. I can put a mod link as a snapshot, but I can only compile for windows at the moment, I'll post tomorrow.


     Any news on the snapshot?

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     Snapshot added.

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    Do Gamma rays do anything, other than transfer heat (in a reaction like AMTR)? I'm just asking because RWST releases a lot of them, but they're near absolute 0 and don't seem to interact with much.

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     I configured the gamma rays to add temperature from absolute zero, in case of interacting, each element has a certain probability of absorption, being greater for denser elements like GOLD, TUNG, PLUT etc ..., and smaller for WOOD , TTAN etc ..., I can set the gamma ray temperature to show in kelvin.

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    v4.0 released, with bug fixes, explosive enhancements, now you can make diamonds!

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    I set water to the max temperature, fusion occurred, not disappointed.
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    Sooo when will you update?? :/

    I also have a small but important suggestion.

    Can you please remove the pressure limitation?? While also making plutonium/uranium generate more pressure (36000 eg.)

    It would be cool to see the pressure devestate everything (like other mods do)

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     There is the small issue that pressures of 256 or -256 already shred pretty much all breakable materials already,

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    How about Neptunium (NEPT)? It would be like PLUT, but not explosive, decays into URAN and NBLE over time. When the reaction is nuke-worthy (Not nearly safe enough for a reactor) it can turn into N237, which is much more unstable than plut. 

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    0x0000007b is either because of 64/32-bit DLLs on a 32/64-bit system, respectively, or because of the actual program being 64/32-bit on the opposite system, try changing libraries, or download the correct version.