Suggestion of new elements

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    Copper: CPPR symbol. Great conductor of electricity, reddish colored metal (0xFF871800), the melting point is 1038 ° C or 1311.15K or 1900.4 ° F.


    Reinforced Concrete: Symbol RECN. It blocks all pressure, does not conduct electricity and heat, highly resistant but melts at high temperatures, the color is 0xFFA0A0A0 (# a0a0a0 or rgb 89, 71, 71), it is a common solid and not a powder.
    Cloud: Symbol CLOU or CLUD or CLOD, I do not know. It always goes up, white, it's a gas and after a while, with low temperatures, it turns into WATR.

    Storm Cloud: Symbol may be STCL, it is gray and also causes some lightning to emerge and also releases more water than the one mentioned above, the common cloud.

    Chlorine: Symbol CL, greenish, toxic and corrosive gas for structures, mix with WATR or DSTW form ACID, mix with SLTW, form ACID and SALT and DSTW.


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    img src="denied:blob:" alt="" />

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    Fog is considered considered cloud perhaps when sparked it can produce lighting, but will it break saves? Caustic Gas is a corrosive gas which destroys structures except diamond. Copper has been rejected, but doesn't mean it will be added. 


    This belongs in the feedback section too. A moderator will move it there! So you don't have to remake this thread. Great imagination though.

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    Caustic gas does not replace chlorine, caustic gas is a base and chlorine forms acids and Fog doesn't replace storm cloud

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    You pretty much described caustic gas. Only a few minor reactions don't create caustic gas. If fog don't break saves when sparked it could possibly change color. TPT isn't meant to be super realistic and have every reaction and element.

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    LHYG liquid 

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    Element named Background (BACK or BAGR).



    Description:   "Background Element. Invisible to other particles, doesn't conduct heat, lets air through"


    How it works: This is basically the INVS element, but it is always enabled. It is invisible to other particles, lets air through, paintable with deco, and default color being #102530 or something close. When a particle "crashes" into the Background Element (think WATR falling onto GOLD), the particle will cover up the Background element. 


    Purpose:    @ Element could be used for making notes, I mean like making signs that do not cover up surroundings. Think of instructions how to operate a nuclear reactor.


                        @ May be used for making watermarks that won't get in the way of the save. (I know excessive watermark are against 


                         @ Another purpose is making things that stickmen and fighters could walk through. Think of a door in a stickman house. Doors will be visible, yet sticksmen and fighters could walk through.


    I would really like to see this element in the game, and so would many other people.

    Thanks for reading all of that, space_station.


    If you reject this (I hope you won't ) please tell me why.

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