• LBPHacker
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    I made a computer again. Enough said. Check the manual for more. In fact, here, have the index:

    And here's the save. A thread like this is nothing without a save.

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  • 12Me21
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  • drrs
    9th Jul 2018 Member 1 Permalink

    Oh this one really takes the cake, great job!

  • NoVIcE
    10th Jul 2018 Member 0 Permalink

    Cool site

  • LBPHacker
    10th Jul 2018 Developer 0 Permalink

    Even though there's not much on it? I can count the interesting stuff on one hand. The index, the powdertoy junkyard with a few manuals in Markdown (which gets formatted!) and my version of the #powder-subframe homepage, a game nobody knows how to play  (okay I'm lying, I do know) and a few super secret pages...


    Anyway lol, I'm being offtopic. If anyone has a project in mind that uses the R2, I'd appreciate if they let me know.

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  • NF
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    @LBPHacker (View Post)

     You did a beautiful job, nice site as well. 

  • NoVIcE
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    Yeah, I love the index page.

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  • drrs
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    I may end up writing an emulator for it lol, I did it with Syngery's 29 bit computer and yours would be a lot of fun since you already have a well defined and robust assembly language.

  • LBPHacker
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    Go for it! Wait, are there TPT computers that don't have one? >_> A robust assembly language I mean.

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  • SuperRyn
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    I think ill use the R216K8B for an OS i want to make ;)