TUG (The Powder Toy Users Group)

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    We are moving to Google+ Communities so we can survive many years to come. Hopefully this can create more active users in the group. We will help you make saves, and if you have a issue regarding something we will help you understand. 

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  • mattreinstl
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    I requested but I feel like I messed it up and it didn't send lmk

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    Feel free to resend the request, I just checked. We do not take real names.

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  • Cracker1000
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    For those users who feel joining TUG plus (i.e TUG group on googleplus) is safe or not then don't worry we have experienced staff there too which moderates well and we follow all the rules and community guidelines of tpt there.So fell free to join the group if you wish.

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    Bump.For discord users,We also have a dedicated TUG channel there use this invite to join


    (Non tug users may join as well)

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